Albertan Traveller Chooses Vancouver Hotel Because of Sustainability Program

Canadian travellers ARE making earth-friendly decisions when deciding where to travel.

The environment seems to be top of mind for Canadian travellers. A 2012 study from Expedia showed over 75% of respondents were not only aware that the hotel industry is making efforts to reduce their environment impact, but they wanted to know how they had personally contributed to helping the  environment. Similarly, a 2012 Trip Advisor survey found that 71% of travellers make green choices when deciding where to travel.

We, at Sustainable Tourism, conducted our own survey this summer and it matches right up to the Expedia and Trip Advisor results: 75% of respondents said they do considered a company’s green program or logo when deciding to stay, experience, or purchase with a BC tourism business. 89% of participants felt, in varying degrees, it was important to have third-party verification of the companies green intentions. The results of this survey will be released next month.

For Ramona, a 30 something Calgarian who regularly travels to BC, sustainable living is a big part of her life. So naturally, thinking green when deciding where to stay and what to do is part of her travel-planning process. After a trip to Vancouver this past year, Ramona was delighted to stay at a hotel that not only had strong green programs in place, but a credible logo to back up them up.

“I believe that every little bit helps when it comes to taking care of our planet and I try to reflect that in my daily actions. It’s great to see the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel do their part for our environment while still maintaining a certain standard of comfort and care for their customers, and I hope their success encourages other companies to follow suit.”
from Calgary

The Coast Coal Harbour Hotel is a modern hotel in the middle of bustling Vancouver. Its proximity to Stanley Park means that it is an excellent choice for those that want to walk and ride while staying for work or play. When designed in 2010, the hotel had water conservation at the top of it’s priorities, installing water efficient fixtures and toilets. Waste diversion has also been a key focus, which has positioned them well for the region’s new Organic Disposal Ban. The hotel has some impressive additional green features such as the electric vehicle charging station and a very demand responsive water heating system. There are exciting actions ahead for the Coast Coal Harbour including a new culinary team that has a great local and sustainable philosophy.

The Coast Coal Harbour was one of the first hotels to join Green Tourism when it made it’s way to Canada from the UK in 2010. General Manager, Judy Adams says, “joining Sustainable Tourism was an important step for the Coast Coal Harbour because this credible certification program spoke directly to our brand commitments towards sustainability and doing our part in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.”

Here are a few things the Coast Coal Harbour is doing that helped them achieve Sustainable Tourism Silver:
  • Zero waste program in hotel, nothing goes to the landfill
  • Energy efficient lighting throughout the hotel
  • Utilizes local, sustainable food supplies for restaurant and catering menus
  • Eco-friendly cleaning supplies and chemicals (non-toxic)
  • Energy efficient heating with hot water on demand system
  • Bike storage and bike valet service

By participating in the program, Adam’s knows that dedication to continual improvement is a must, and needs to include proper communication planning once initiated. The Coast Coal Harbour has a grand list of green actions to tackle as they work their way to gold for their re-assessment next year, but by being open and transparent, they can earn the trust of guests and share their successes with the industry.