Endless Adventures In Sustainability

Endless Adventure is a well established tourism company that is mindful of their beautiful place of business in the Slocan Valley, nestled in the beautiful Kootenay region of British Columbia. Their tours come with guides that love the river and do their very best to maintain the awesomeness and beauty of their surroundings. Endless Adventure is an environmental leader in the making!

Their operation is simple by design and has minimal energy use. They have significantly reduced the retail aspect of their company to avoid the large amounts of plastic and Styrofoam packaging that accompanies shipped retail items. What materials they do bring in, they find a way to reuse or recycle consciously. For instance, they’ve offered up the packaging that their stand-up paddle boards come in as a weed barrier for local farmers! In this way, they achieve a circular waste economy, perpetuating their mission to protect and preserve their environment for future generations.

Not only do they make deliberate decisions when it comes to their own waste, but they also organize an annual cleanup of the very river that offers their clients endless amounts of adventure. This effort raises awareness about human impacts on the Upper and Lower Slocan River and puts their crew more in touch with their surroundings.

But the work doesn’t stop there! Endless Adventure is a also proud supporter of the Leave No Trace program http://www.leavenotrace.ca/home and they get their guests on-board with this mission during every trip. Through promoting this program, they ensure that their staff and guests pack out what they pack in, and never remove anything from nature. They also collect any garbage spotted on their river trips.

We depend on our river systems and want to do as much as possible to ensure that they are as pristine as nature would have them, not only from a business perspective, but also because we want our future generations to be able to experience the beauty and awe that we experience when paddling.”

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