What’s Green About Cedar House Restaurant and Chalets

Cedar House Restaurant and Chalets are situated on 10 acres of secluded mountainside, 5 minutes south of Golden, BC. Besides helping guests relax and unwind into the Rocky Mountain lifestyle, here are the top 5 unique green things they do:

  1. Rooms and common areas have extremely user-friendly recycling facilities
(Photo credit: Cedar House Chalets)
  1. An onsite garden provides fresh produce for restaurant patrons
(Photo credit: Pixabay)
  1. They only use eco-friendly cleaning supplies, either purchased or homeade, such as the popular vinegar + tea tree oil sanitizer. In fact, using vinegar was such a hit they now make wrinkle release/fabric refresher with vinegar, water and a touch of fabric softener. They continue to try new combinations of essential oils, natural sterilizers and dryer balls.
(Photo credit: Hello Glow)
  1. They maintain the grounds and trail networks around The Cedar House and promote active transportation such as cycling .
(Photo credit: Cedar House Chalets)
  1. They clearly outline how their guests can be environmentally responsible during their stay on their website.
The Terms and Conditions on their website clearly outline how guests can be environmentally responsible during their stay (www.cedarhousechalets.com)

Why Cedar House Chalets Joined Sustainable Tourism

"Our guests and ourselves came to Golden, BC for the beauty of nature. We all respect the outdoors and want to do our part in preserving the Rocky Mountain lifestyle.

We joined Sustainable Tourism to help attract guests with similar values and respect for nature. Sustainable Tourism has recognized our efforts already in practice, offered options to further our green efforts and influences visitors to follow in our footsteps while staying with us as well as after returning home.

A complete success in my eyes!"
Cedar House Chalets

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